8 8 3 Import Considerations

Visual LANSA Admins

8.8.3 Import Considerations

Following are some considerations when executing imports:

  • The exported data should have been formatted with a Target System Type of PC.
  • Exports are performed at a partition level. If you have exported data from a different partition than the selected import partition, a warning will be displayed. For example, an export from the DEM partition that is imported into the TST partition will receive a warning message.
  • Always display and review the import log after the import has completed. It is recommended that you review any warning messages in the log. If there are any fatal messages, a message will be displayed that the import has failed.
  • It is important to identify if you are using an import from a multilingual partition. If your export was created from a multilingual partition, you must import into a multilingual partition.

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