Conferences and User Groups

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Conferences and User Groups

The people who are using LANSA are a great source of information.  LANSA user group meetings and the LANSA International Conferences allow information exchange between LANSA developers and keep you up-to-date on the latest developments.

User groups are typically organized by the LANSA users in a specific region and may be hosted by the local LANSA agent. User groups create a community for sharing ideas among LANSA developers. In most cases, the LANSA user groups operate independently.

LANSA Conferences are held annually at different locations around the world. These conference assembles a diverse range of LANSA developers and business partners. It offers an excellent opportunity for building a network of contacts and for showcasing new LANSA-based products. Conferences include a variety of training streams for different products, technologies and professions. Speakers often include members of the LANSA Product Centre software development team.

For information about LANSA Conferences and User Groups, contact your local LANSA agent or visit the LANSA Web site at

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