1 2 6 Network Client to an Independent Windows Server

Visual LANSA Admins

1.2.6 Network Client to an Independent Windows Server

A Network Client an Independent Windows Server is a thin client that has only shortcuts installed. This means that all Repository and LANSA processes are accessed from the Windows Server. Because the network client obtains all files from the Windows Server, processing is slower than with a Local Client. With this client type, however, when any LANSA upgrades are made to the Windows Server, they are automatically also made to the Network Client.

A small number of files are installed locally for Visual LANSA to function correctly in this environment. Installation of the Microsoft C++ compiler is optional.

To install this, in the installation process select the Setup Type: Shortcuts to run Visual LANSA install on another workstation.

One of the Network Client machines, or the Windows Server will need to be designated as the Build Machine. See 1.2.8 Windows Build Machine

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