1 6 2 Considerations for the Mixed Multi Tier Deployment Model

Visual LANSA Admins

1.6.2 Considerations for the Mixed Multi-Tier Deployment Model

In a Mixed Multi-Tier deployment, you will be using a Windows Web Server with an IBM i  Application Data Server.

Following are some considerations for a Mixed Multi-Tier deployment model:

  • The LANSA for the Web development environment is installed on the Data/Application Server along with LANSA for iSeries. The LANSA Repository (including the generated HTML) and your application data are installed on the Data/Application Server.
  • The LANSA for the Web PC-based Administrator will only need to connect to the IBM i Data/Application Server.
  • The Windows Web Server can be Microsoft IIS with the IIS Plug-in.
  • A Visual LANSA system is not required on the Window Web Server. Only the IIS Plug-in needs to be installed on the Web Server.
  • A Listener must be configured on the IBM i Data/Application Server for the communications link from the Windows Web Server.
  • Refer to the LANSA for the Web Administrators Guide for set up instructions for Multi-Tier Deployment.

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