IBM i Software Components

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IBM i Software Components

When installing and configuring LANSA for the Web on IBM i, it is very important to understand the fundamentals of its architecture.

The diagram above identifies several of the key components used by LANSA for the Web, which are:

1. LANSA for iSeries

This is the core development environment. It provides the Repository and RDML technology used for the application database and programs.

2. LANSA for the Web

LANSA for the Web extends the LANSA for iSeries development environment. It provides the HTML components as well as the transaction support for executing applications over the Internet.

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4. LANSA for the Web Administrator

The Windows-based LANSA for the Web Administrator is used to configure the Web transaction environment and is only required as an administrator so is not required on more than the Adminstrator's PC.

5. Web Server

The Web Server can be on a separate platform (Windows or IBM i) or all software can be on a single IBM i. LANSA for the Web can be used with a number of Web Servers including IBM's HTTP Server for i5/OS, or Microsoft IIS for Windows.

6. CGI

You can use CGI with the IBM HTTP Server.

7. Client/Browser

The Client's browser sends requests to the Web Server and then it displays the resulting Web page. Internet Explorer is recommended.

Ý 1.2.11 LANSA for the Web Development Models