Task Tracking on Independent Systems

Visual LANSA Admins

Task Tracking on Independent Systems

If your Visual LANSA System is an Independent System, it can directly maintain its own LANSA System definition data including task details. The following rules will apply:

  • All Task IDs will be created and maintained directly in Visual LANSA.
  • There are fewer settings required for Independent Visual LANSA systems because a distributed development environment is not used (i.e. there are no slave repositories). There is no need for any form of repository synchronization. (Refer to 6.3.1 Repository Synchronization Concepts.)
  • Object locking should be turned on in Visual LANSA. For example, it is the only method that guarantees that two developers cannot edit an object concurrently. (Refer to 6.1.1 Object Locking Concepts .)
  • Task tracking is typically required with Visual LANSA server configurations where multiple developers are sharing a single repository.

If you have a single user independent workstation, minimal task tracking may be required as you are not sharing the repository with other developers. However, you may still wish to use Task IDs when objects are being deployed to other Visual LANSA Systems.

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