1 2 10 Synchronizing Master and Slave Systems

Visual LANSA Admins

1.2.10 Synchronizing Master and Slave Systems

When developing applications using Master and Slave LANSA Systems, you must keep both the LANSA System Definitions and the LANSA Application Definitions synchronized.

Synchronizing System Definitions

The system definitions of the local and master Repositories are set up using two automated procedures:

  • To populate each local Repository for the first time and to periodically update the definitions, you will use the automated System Initialization and Partition Initialization facilities. These facilities are described Connect Master and Slave Systems in the Visual LANSA Administrators Guide.

Synchronizing Application Definitions

Application definitions are transferred between your Master and Slave using one of the following:

  • Visual LANSA Check In/Check Out facilities, which are described in  Host Monitor in the Visual LANSA Administrators Guide.
  • LANSA for iSeries Repository Synchronization facility, which is described in LANSA PC Development in the LANSA for iSeries User Guide.

Ý 1.2 LANSA Development Models


LANSA for the Web development and operation can be done with a single-tier set up or a multi-tier configuration as described in this section.