7 8 Remote Systems

Visual LANSA Admins

7.8 Remote Systems

This displays defined Remote Systems, including the associated master system if this is a Slave installation.

The Visual LANSA slave system automatically creates a master Remote System during the Visual LANSA installation.  This master system definition cannot be changed.

Deployment Systems are also displayed. Before connecting to a Deployment System using Deliver To, the Remote System must be correctly set up. In the case of a Linux Remote System this includes using the Partition Initialization command to set up a corresponding partition on the Linux environment. IBM i Remote Systems must use the Refresh option to get the workstation names from the Remote System.

The System Definition tab displays the following details of the remote system:

Remote System Name

The name of the remote system. The remote system name should correspond with a Partner LU Name in the lroute.dat file.

Remote System Description

A description of the system.

Remote System Type

Indicates the type of system (Master or Deployment). This cannot be changed.

Build environment

IBM i or Linux.


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