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Education Services

LANSA's education offerings provide the knowledge, skills, and experience to help your company maximize the return on your investment. Through these educational programs, you will learn to design and implement new systems efficiently so you can take full advantage of the product architecture and avail yourself of evolving trends in technology.


Because the training needs of each individual are very different, it is essential to choose training courses correctly tailored to the needs of each person.

LANSA operates high quality skills development courses for programmers, analysts, system designers, administrators, and end users. Given the openness of the LANSA product family, any of the courses available can be tailored or combined with other courses to target specific integration needs.

At LANSA, we believe that education is far more than teaching students how to use our toolset. To be successful with our products, students must fully understand our tools, how best to use them and how the tools interact with their own company's existing environment.

Our courses are developed and delivered by experienced professionals.

A Variety of Choices

LANSA offers a variety of educational choices to suit your needs.


Online tutorials are supplied with the LANSA products as part of the core documentation. For example, to learn how to build Internet applications with Web Application Modules, refer to the WAM Tutorials in the LANSA for the Web Guide. Tutorials can be accessed using the Tutorial icon on the toolbar, or from the Online Directory page.

Public Courses

LANSA courses are offered publicly at multiple locations. Spacious, comfortable classrooms incorporate state of the art technology to provide students the best environment for learning. Instructors provide immediate answers to questions and offer valuable insights into using the LANSA products. Some public courses may also offered over the Internet. Refer to LANSA LANSA Education pages at the LANSA Web site for public courses in your region.

On-Site Courses

Courses can be conducted at your company's facility or a location of your choice. You will receive the appropriate education at the appropriate time, and your staff will learn in the comfort and convenience of their own environment. LANSA can customize any course to meet the unique needs of your organization. Refer to the LANSA Web site at LANSA Education for information about LANSA courses.

Supplementary Education Solutions

Your LANSA education does not end when you leave the classroom. Utilize LANSA's experienced consultants to help apply what is learned in class. By working side by side with your staff on your first project, we can provide skills transfer, answer any questions, and help apply what was learned in class to your unique situation.

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Why use LANSA Education?

With LANSA education, you will learn from the experts. Our courses are developed and taught by experienced professionals who have years of application development experience plus an intimate knowledge of the LANSA technology. They bring their real world experience into the classroom for your benefit.

Our courses are modular, allowing flexibility to leverage your existing skill set with the new technology you are facing. Using modularization, we can focus on the education needs of your particular environment. This provides a reduced learning curve, allowing you to quickly become more productive.

Our courses are designed for hands-on learning. Classes are very interactive and students are encouraged to participate through questions, comments or by following along with the instructor from their own workstation.

We feature comprehensive exercises that reinforce key topics. These exercises make up a large percentage of our course material. We believe students learn best by doing, and we apply this philosophy to our course material.

Our courses educate and encourage students to work independently. By utilizing reference material and interactive help facilities, we help students to manage on their own once the education is completed.

Need More Information?

You will find the most up to date information about the courses available and course dates, at the LANSA Web site at