Task Identifier Rules

Visual LANSA Admins

Task Identifier Rules

The following rules apply to Task Identifiers:

  • Tasks IDs can only be defined in a LANSA for iSeries Master LANSA System or an independent Visual LANSA system. Task IDs cannot be defined or modified in a Visual LANSA Slave system.
  • Task IDs exist at the LANSA System level, i.e. they can be used in one or more partitions in LANSA.
  • Task IDs can be assigned different statuses such as Open, Working, Closed, and Finished. (Refer to Task Status.) These statuses determine how a Task ID can be used.
  • A Task ID requires that a developer's user profile must be authorized to use it. One or more developers may be assigned to a Task ID. (Refer to Share Task IDs.) Authorities are based on individual Task ID settings. (Refer to Set Special Task ID.)
  • A LANSA object can be locked by a single Task ID at any given time. The duration of a lock is defined by the Task ID status. (Refer to 6.2.3 Task Tracking Set up.)

LANSA provides a very flexible system for defining Task IDs and authorities. You must understand the task tracking settings in order to Task IDs effectively.

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