Partition is Multilingual

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Partition is Multilingual

Indicate if this partition is intended to use more than one language.

In a multilingual partition, a set of languages can be defined which are then available for use in the partition. Partition multilingual attributes must be defined for each language including: the language code and description, the type of language support required (if DBCS or RLTB), and the translations for menu options and functions key descriptions.

In Visual LANSA a partition is automatically defined as multilingual with a default language created for the partition.

In an IBM i the partition must modified to be multilingual and an appropriate default language (and any other languages) must be defined before the partition can be used.

If you select multilingual support, you must also select the SAA/CUA standard apply option.

It is recommended to always define partitions as multilingual.


  • You must use Multilingual support if any of the following conditions apply:
    • The application uses a bi-directional language such as Hebrew or Arabic.
    • The application uses ideographic characters (or double byte character set characters) such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean.
    • The application executes in more than one language i.e. the same application will appear in more than one language.

    Tips & Techniques

    There are some important things that you should know about multilingual support before you attempt to turn it on (or off):

    • Providing (or not providing) multilingual support in your applications is an important application design decision that you should make before starting development. Changing your mind late in the development cycle may lead to unnecessary and avoidable maintenance and deployment issues.
    • There are important procedures, considerations and guidelines that you should understand and then follow when converting a partition from monolingual to multilingual (or vice versa). Please refer to the Multilingual Application Design Guide BEFORE changing a partition to be multilingual.

    Ý 7.3.2 Partition Definition Tab