LANSA RDMLX Object Types

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LANSA RDMLX Object Types

You may wish to enable LANSA RDML Object types to become LANSA RDMLX Object Types for the following reasons:

  • To enable the object to interact with newly created RDMLX objects. For example, a Fully Enabled RDMLX Component may use all RDMLX Field Types and RDMLX Files.
  • To enable the object to use the full RDMLX Language Features.


  • RDMLX Fields include all field types except alphanumeric. Refer to Field Types in the LANSA Technical Reference for a list and details of the field types available.
  • RDMLX Files may use any type of field in the Repository.
  • RDMLX Functions may use any type of field or file in the Repository. RDMLX Functions must use *DIRECT.
  • An RDMLX Component is identified as being Enabled for Full RDMLX. A component must be Enabled for Full RDMLX in order to use other RDMLX objects and the RDMLX Language features.
    RDMLX Language features include:
  • use of intrinsic field methods
  • use of function libraries
  • use of expressions in many parameters and properties
  • enhanced RDMLX command support such as assignment statements
  • simplified RDML statements due to the removal of quotes.
  • A WAM (Web Application Module) is always an RDMLX Component.

Ý 7.3.1 RDML and RDMLX Partitions Concepts