4 1 VCS Master Setup

Visual LANSA Admins

4.1 VCS Master Setup

For information, refer to the following:

4.1.1 Considerations when Installing a New VCS Master

4.1.2 Migrating a Partition from a Slave to a VCS Master

4.1.3 Setting up 2nd and Subsequent Developers to use a VCS Master

4.1.4 Release Management with a VCS Master

4.1.5 Upgrading a VCS Master

Tip: Visual LANSA does not detect differences between the Repository and the VCS Working Folder. When you modify an object in the Development Environment its saves a copy to the VCS Working Folder and this is then picked up by the VCS as a difference. When you import into the Repository it is not saved into the VCS Working Folder. You must explicitly save the set of objects to the working folder. A useful tool for this is to always use the Development Environment Import which has an option to create a Repository list. You can then use that list to save all the imported objects to the VCS working Folder.

Ý 4. Visual LANSA Initialization