Vendor Activity

Sage 300 ERP

image\field_bt.gifVendor Activity

This form displays summary information about the current status of your company's accounts with its vendors. The form contains the following tabs:

  • Activity. This tab displays summary information about the current status of the account with the selected vendor, and shows the most recently posted transactions.
  • Aging. This tab displays your company's account balance with the vendor in each of the aging periods used in your Accounts Payable system, selected by the aging and cutoff dates you specify.
  • Vendor Transactions. This tab displays a single line of summary information for each invoice, credit note, debit note, prepayment, and payment that has been posted to the vendor's account. You can include pending amounts in the display, if you want. You also use this tab to open a separate form to view detailed information about the history of each displayed document.
  • Payments. ¬†This tab lists the payments you made to the selected vendor.

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