E-mail Messages

Sage 300 ERP

E-mail Messages Field ListE-mail Messages

The E-mail Messages form lets you:

  • Create messages to send with e-mailed letters.
  • Use variables (field names) from your company database so that e-mailed messages will include vendor- or company-specific information.

You identify each e-mail message using a unique 16-character Message ID code.

When printing letters using the Letters/Labels form, select Vendor as the delivery method. You can then select the message ID for the message you want to send with the letter.

To create a message that you can use with letters that you e-mail to vendors

  1. Choose E-mail Messages from the A/P Setup folder.
  2. Complete the fields on the form. (For help with the fields, click the Field List button at the top of this page.)
  3. Enter the body of the message. Use field names, preceded by a dollar sign, to identify variable information that you want to include with the message.
  4. Click Add (or Save) when you are satisfied with your message.