Recurring Payables Setup

Sage 300 ERP

image\field_bt.gifRecurring Payables Setup

The Recurring Payables form lets you:

  • Create records for standard invoices you receive from your vendors. A recurring payable can be for a single item such as rent, or for a standing order or service that is almost identical from month to month. Recurring payables are identified by code as well as by vendor number, so you can generate a batch of a single invoice type.
  • View statistics for invoices created for the recurring payable.
  • Manually create an invoice for a recurring payable, if necessary.

You can also include recurring payables in the Reminder List, so that System Manager can remind a specific user, or all users, to process the payables when they become due. For more information about reminders, see the System Manager help.

To create a new recurring payable

Click one of the links below for help on using the corresponding tab:

Click the links below for additional help on using the buttons on the Recurring Payables Setup form:

Click here for tips on using Accounts Payable forms.

Multicurrency recurring payables

There is no rate information tab in the form because the exchange rates are unknown for the recurring invoice. The only rate information you enter is the rate type on the first tab (the Invoice tab).

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