Remove Inactive Records from Accounts Payable

Sage 300 ERP

Remove Inactive Records from Accounts Payable

Before you start

  • Assign Inactive status to all records you want to delete.
  • To identify inactive vendor records, print the Vendors report (choose Vendors from the A/P Vendor Reports folder), selecting the Address, Profile, and Recurring Payables options.
  • Before you can delete a vendor record, you must:
    • Clear all fully paid documents for the vendor.  

      You can use the Clear History and Clear Statistics forms to clear comments and statistics for the vendor. However, the Delete Inactive Records form automatically deletes the comments and statistics for the vendor records it deletes.

    • Delete remit-to locations and recurring-payable records for the vendor.
  • To delete a vendor group, you must first either delete or reassign any vendors assigned to the group. To discover whether vendors are still assigned to the group, print the Vendor Group List, selecting the Group Members option.

To delete inactive records:

  1. Open Accounts Payable > Periodic Processing > Delete Inactive Records.

    Click here for help on the fields on the Delete Inactive Records form.

  2. Select the types of records you wish to delete.
  3. Specify the ranges for each type of record.
  4. Type the range of dates for which to delete records.
  5. Click Process.

If you do not want to delete all the types of records you select for the same range of dates, use the form more than once, as needed to delete each type of record for the applicable dates.

After removing inactive records

  • Print new lists of the types of records you deleted to update your files with current information.