Adjustment Entry — Overview

Sage 300 ERP

image\field_bt.gifAdjustment Entry — Overview

Use this form to:

  • Enter adjustments to open and fully paid documents in vendor accounts. (You use Adjustment Entry to adjust fully paid documents only when you have not yet cleared the documents from Accounts Payable.)
  • Edit batches of adjustments created during posting (when adjustment batches contain errors), and imported from other accounting programs.
  • Print a batch listing report for the selected batch.

You can also enter adjustments to documents to which you are applying payments in the Payment Entry form, if you select the Allow Adjustments In Payment Batch option (in the Options form). You use the Payment Entry form to edit this type of adjustment.

To enter an adjustment to an open and fully paid document

For information about the tabs on the Adjustment Entry form, click the links, below:

Working with adjustment batches

To create a new adjustment batch

  1. Click the New button beside the Batch Number field. (See Batch Header information.)
  2. Enter a description for the batch.
  3. Enter a date for the new batch, or accept the session date in the field.

You can now enter the first adjustment as described in Adding an adjustment.

To edit an existing batch

  • Enter the batch number in the Batch Number field.


  • Use the Finder next to the Batch Number field to display a list of existing batches,  then choose the batch you want.


  • Use the navigation buttons beside the Batch Number field to move quickly through the list of batches to display the one you need.

To view header information for a batch

  1. Display the batch (as described above).
  2. Click the Zoom () button beside the Batch Number field to display the Batch Information form.

To print a batch listing for an adjustment batch

  1. Select or display the batch using the Batch Number field.
  2. From the File menu, click Print Batch Listing Report.
  3. To print the current batch, click Print.

Click here for tips on using Accounts Payable forms.

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