Vendor Groups

Sage 300 ERP

image\field_bt.gifVendor Groups

Use this form to create vendor groups to which you can assign vendors.

Use vendor groups to:

  • Classify vendor records by common characteristics.
  • Set default entries to speed up the task of adding records for vendors.
  • Select records for processing.

For an overview of vendor groups, see Vendor Groups Overview.

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For information about fields in the Vendor Groups form, select the Field List button beside the title of this help topic.

To use the Vendor Groups form

  1. To select an existing record, type its group code or choose it from the Finder (click the Finder beside the Group Code field or, with the cursor in the Group Code, field press F5).
    1. To start a new group record, click the "new" icon next to the Group Code field.
    2. To delete a group, enter its group code, then choose the Delete button. If a message appears asking you to confirm the deletion, choose Yes.
  2. Click the tab you want to see.
  3. Click Add or Save to keep any changes you make.
  4. Click Close to leave without saving changes.

For information about specific tasks, choose from these topics:

After changing vendor groups

Print the Vendor Groups report, including the information you changed for the group, to check the new record information.

Edit vendor records that belong to a group to make the same changes you made to the group. For example, if you changed the terms code in the vendor group and want to assign it to all vendors in the group, you must also edit the vendor records to select the new terms code.

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