Vendor Activity Statistics Report — Printing

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Vendor Activity Statistics Report — Printing

The Vendor Activity Statistics report lists information about the purchases and payment history for the current year to date and previous fiscal year for the vendor records in your Accounts Payable system. Most of the information on this report is also available on the Vendor Activity tab of the Vendors form.

For information on the contents of this report, see Vendor Activity Statistics Report — Features.

When to print

Print the report when you need to check on vendor account activity such as the last time you made a purchase from the vendor, the date and amount of your last payment to the vendor, the average number of days it takes you to pay the vendor, or the date a vendor's balance was last revalued (if you use a multicurrency Accounts Payable system).

To print the Vendor Activity Statistics report

  1. Choose File, Print in the Vendors form, or choose the Vendors icon in the Vendor Reports folder.
  2. Choose Vendor Activity Statistics from the Report Type box.
  3. Specify whether to print amounts in the vendor currency or the functional currency (if you use a multicurrency Accounts Payable ledger).
  4. Select up to four selection and sorting criteria. If you do not specify selection criteria the report includes all vendor records. If you do not specify sorting criteria the report orders the vendor records by vendor number.
  5. Click Print.

    If printing to a printer, Accounts Payable displays the print destination form to let you confirm your printer selection and change the number of copies to print. Choose OK if the settings are correct; otherwise, choose Cancel or Setup.

    If printing to a file, Accounts Payable displays the name of the file, so you can change it or cancel printing.

    If printing to the screen (preview), Accounts Payable displays the report. If you want, you can then export it to a file or send it to the printer.

    If printing to an e-mail, Accounts Payable displays an e-mail message form for you to fill in, and inserts the report as an attachment when you choose Send.

    If printing to a schedule, Accounts Payable displays the Schedule Report form.

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