1099/CPRS Codes

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image\field_bt.gif1099/CPRS Codes

This form lets you add codes to assign to your vendors who are subject to 1099/CPRS reporting.

You must enter a 1099/CPRS code in the Vendors form for each vendor you mark as subject to 1099/CPRS reporting.

1099/CPRS expense class codes correspond to the various box numbers on a standard 1099 or CPRS form. In other words, they identify different categories of 1099/CPRS payments. You specify the default 1099/CPRS code for each vendor in the vendor records, but you can specify a different code for each invoice, if necessary. (Generally, you should assign code 3, Other Income, for vendors subject to CPRS reporting in Canada.)

The Minimum To Report amount that you enter for a 1099/CPRS code is used when you print 1099 forms or file 1099s electronically.

Accounts Payable sets up most 1099/CPRS codes when you activate a new database. You should have to add or edit codes only if the existing code structure changes.

The codes created by Accounts Payable are:

1099/CPRS Code Minimum To Report Description
1 600 Rent
2 10 Royalties
3 600 Other income
4 zero Federal income tax withheld
5 zero Fishing boat proceeds
6 600 Medical and health care payments
7 600 Non-employee compensation
8 10 Substitute payments in lieu of dividends or interest
9 95,000 Direct Sales
10 600 Crop insurance proceeds
13 zero Excess golden parachute payments
14 600 Gross proceeds paid to an attorney
15A 600 Section 409A Deferrals
15B zero Section 409A Income
16 zero State income tax withheld

1099/CPRS vendor amounts are accumulated by code and by period. Each time you enter an invoice, you can specify the 1099/CPRS code to which the invoice applies. Accounts Payable prints each code amount in the appropriate box on the 1099/CPRS form.

Note that although 1099/CPRS codes and amounts are entered with vendor invoices, Accounts Payable accumulates the 1099/CPRS statistics each time you post payments for the vendor.

Editing 1099/CPRS codes

You can change the description and Inactive status only. You cannot change the 1099/CPRS code.

However, assigning Inactive status does not affect the accumulation of 1099/CPRS information at posting.

Deleting 1099/CPRS codes

Deleting codes does not remove any information from your ledger (except the code definition). However, you should not delete 1099/CPRS codes if you are required to print 1099/CPRS forms. If you accidentally delete a code, just add it again.

If you delete a 1099/CPRS code, you can no longer assign it to vendor records — nor can you update a vendor record which has that code assigned.

If you add non-standard codes

  • Only standard 1099-MISC codes are printed on the stock 1099/CPRS Amounts report.
  • If you add any non-standard 1099/CPRS codes, you must modify the 1099/CPRS Amounts report form to print the non-standard codes.

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