Settings Menu

Sage 300 ERP

Settings Menu

A Settings menu appears on all transaction forms and on some report forms.

The Settings menu provides the following commands:

Command Description

Auto Clear

The Auto Clear option helps you to streamline data entry in transaction entry forms.

Select the Auto Clear option to start a new entry automatically when you add a transaction (as if you clicked the Add button, then the New button).

Save Settings As Defaults

In some forms, the Settings menu also contains options that let you save the current settings as personal defaults or restore the program's original settings.

  • To save the current settings as your personal defaults for the form, select the Save Settings As Defaults option.
  • To revert to the program's original settings, select the Clear Saved Settings option.

Quick Mode

In Invoice Entry, Quick Mode lets you copy fields from the existing entry or detail to new entries or details.

When you click Quick Mode on the Settings menu, a separate form appears that lets you select Quick Mode settings.

  • To copy header fields to new transactions in the batch you are working on, select Use Quick Mode For Entries, then specify the entry fields you want to copy.
  • To copy detail fields to new details in the transaction you are working on, select Quick Mode For Lines, then specify the detail fields you want to copy.

When you start a new entry or detail, fields from the previous transaction or detail are copied to the new transaction or detail, so you don’t have to re-enter them.