Print a Check when You Pay a Vendor

Sage 300 ERP

Print a Check when You Pay a Vendor

Before you start

To print a check from the Payment Entry form:

  1. Display the payment in the Payment Entry form, if it is not already selected.

    Click here for help on the fields on the Payment Entry form

  2. Click the Print Check button.

    Accounts Payable displays the Print Checks form.

  3. Make sure that the check form selected in the Print Checks form is the one you want to use, and make sure the check forms are positioned properly in the printer. You can print an alignment check to test the positioning.
  4. Click Print.

    Once the check is printed, Accounts Payable asks whether it was printed correctly.

  5. Review the check, and if it was printed correctly, click Yes.

    If the check was not printed correctly:

    1. Click No.
    2. Reset the print status by clicking the print status column or by clicking the Select Reprint Range button and then specifying the number of the check you printed.

    If you are also printing a payment advice, Accounts Payable asks whether the advice forms are in the printer. Click Yes to print the advice form, then click Yes again when it asks whether the advice was printed correctly.

After printing a check

  • When you accept the check — and the payment advice, if you printed one -- Accounts Payable posts the check information to Bank Services, and closes the Print Checks form.
  • Note that the check information is immediately posted to Bank Services, but the payment information is not posted to vendor accounts until you post the payment batch.

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