Invoice Batch List

Sage 300 ERP

Invoice Batch List

Use this form to:

  • Display a list of posted and unposted invoice batches, beginning with the batch number you specify. The list also displays information about each batch.

    Displayed information includes:

    • Batch date
    • Batch description
    • Batch number
    • Last edited date
    • Number of entries
    • Number of errors
    • Posting sequence number
    • Status (Open, Printed, Ready To Post, Deleted, Posted)
    • Total amount
    • Type (Entered, Generated, Imported)
  • Select an existing batch to edit, post, or delete. If you try to post a batch for which you have not selected the Ready To Post option, you see a message that lets you select the option for the batch from the Invoice Batch List form.
  • Lets you post individual batches.
  • Print batch listings, batch status, posting journals, and posting error reports.

To list batches

  1. To start the display with a specific batch number, type the number or select it from the Finder.
  2. To limit the displayed list to batches that are open or ready to post, uncheck the option Show Posted And Deleted Batches.
  3. Select the option Show Posted And Deleted Batches, unless you want to limit the display to batches that are open or ready to post.

To view, create, delete, or post a batch

  • To work with an existing batch, select it (highlight it) in the list, then click the button for the action you want to take. Note that you cannot choose to work with posted or deleted batches.
  • To create a new batch, click the New button.

For information about a button on the Invoice Batch List form, click its name:

To view the transactions in an unposted batch, either Open the batch you want to view, or print the batch listing report or preview it on your screen. You cannot edit a batch for which you have selected the Ready To Post option.

To be able to view a posted batch, you must not have cleared the batch using the Clear Deleted And Posted Batches option (in the Clear History form).

Click here for tips on using Accounts Payable forms.

Other reports you can print from the batch list

  • To print the Batch Status report, choose Print Batch Status from the File menu.
  • To print the posting errors report, double-click in the Number Of Errors column for the error batch.
  • To print the posting journal, click in the Posting Sequence Number column.

For information about using menu commands and icons, see Data entry tools and shortcuts.

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