Apply a Payment or Credit Note to a Job-Related Invoice

Sage 300 ERP

Apply a Payment or Credit Note to a Job-Related Invoice

Before you start

  • Add the payment, if you have not already added it, using the instructions Enter and apply a payment.
  • Use the instructions in this topic to apply the payment to the job-related invoice.

To apply amounts to details for different contracts, projects, categories, and resources:

  1. Display the payment, prepayment, or credit note in the Payment Entry form.
  2. In the detail-entry grid of the Payment Entry form, for the job-related invoice you are paying, select Yes (double-click to toggle between Yes and No ) in the Apply column.
  3. With the invoice selected, click the Jobs button.
  4. On the Project and Job Costing Apply Details form that opens, enter the amount to apply to the selected invoice, then, in the Apply Method field, specify one of the following methods to apply the amount to contracts, projects, categories, and projects that appear on the invoice:
    • Top Down

      Select this method to apply an amount automatically to invoice details beginning with the first detail (contract-project-category-resource) on an invoice until the amount is fully applied.

      If you are using this method to allocate a payment to an invoice that uses a multiple payment schedule, you may have to adjust the allocations manually.

      Note that discounts, if any, are applied to the last line only. If you wish to allocate discounts proportionately, you should select the Prorate By Amount option.

    • Prorate By Amount

      Select this method to apply a payment amount proportionately to all invoice details, depending on the relative amounts of the details.

  5. Select any details that are not being paid at this time, then click the Clear button to remove the details from the distribution.
  6. Click Close to return to the Payment Entry form.
  7. Click Add or Save.