Options — Transactions Tab

Sage 300 ERP

image\field_bt.gifOptions — Transactions Tab

This tab lets you:

  • Specify the following options for invoice, credit note, and debit note transactions:
    • Whether you report 1099/CPRS payments, and whether you permit 1099/CPRS amounts to be edited.
    • The default method for calculating tax on invoices (automatic or manual tax calculation).
    • Whether to use document totals as default amounts subject to 1099/CPRS reporting on invoices, debit notes, and credit notes.
  • Set options for payment transactions, including:
    • The default bank code for your company.
    • The order in which to list documents when applying payments and credit notes in the Payment Entry form. See Displaying Open Documents in Payment Entry.
    • Whether you enter adjustment transactions in payment batches.
    • Whether you permit editing of system-generated batches (of payments).
  • Set the default sort order when printing checks, which include:
    • by Vendor Number
    • by Payee Name
    • by Payee Country
    • by Payee Postal Code
    • by Transaction Number

You can change your choices for these options at any time, provided no other Accounts Payable forms are in use.

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