Processing Adjustment Batches

Sage 300 ERP

Processing Adjustment Batches

Accounts Payable provides several convenient methods by which you adjust transactions and account balances. You can:

  • Create batches of write-off transactions.
  • Enter adjustments individually.

You can also enter adjustments to specific documents in the Payment Entry forms, if you use the Allow Adjustments In Payment Batches option in the Options form.

Recording adjustment information in Bank Services

Note that Accounts Payable does not send adjustment information to Bank Services. This means that if you make any adjustments that affect a bank account, you must make a second adjustment in Bank Services.

Entering adjustments individually

You can enter adjustments, one at a time, in the Adjustment Entry form, specifying the document number to adjust and the general ledger account to debit or credit.

You can also adjust documents that have been completed and cleared from Accounts Payable or enter a general adjustment to an account balance. You enter this type of adjustment as a credit note or debit note in the Invoice Entry form.

When you add an adjustment, Accounts Payable automatically assigns a document number, beginning with 1.

Vendor statistics include the total amount and number of adjustments entered for the period, and the amount and date of the last adjustment transaction entered.