New features in EPC 826 Version of RAMP


New features in EPC 826 Version of RAMP

This section outlines new features in EPC 826 version RAMP:

New Subfile Accessor properties for faster scripting

For subfiles that use markers such as "+", "More..", "Bottom":

·         The new EndofFileMarker property indicates the subfile end marker. The default is "Bottom".

·         Scrolling stops when either no marker is found, or when the marker exactly matches EndofFileMarker.


For subfiles that issue a message when attempting to scroll past the end:

·         If the subfile has no marker at all, set the new UseMarker property to False and EndofFileMarker to text that can be found somewhere in the message that appears when attempting to scroll past end. For example EndofFileMarker = "made to scroll past end"    

See the Properties table in SUBFILE_ACCESSOR Object

Add your own options to the scripting pop-up menu by creating an xml file

See Adding Your Own Options to the Scripting Pop-Up Menu.


Set Command Handler Caption from RAMP Scripts

The captions for command handlers can now be changed from RAMP scripts using the new SET_HANDLER_CAPTION Function.

Turn off recursion checking for RAMP scripts

You can use the new global property GLOBAL_flagRecursionCheck to turn off recursion checking. See Switching Off Recursion Checking.

Easier liteclient license configuration

Newlook liteclient licenses can now be used without having to manually modify any HTML file.

newlook Version

This version of RAMP requires newlook Version dated July 18 2007 (or later).