Multiple Developers Using newlook


Multiple Developers Using newlook

When multiple developers are identifying screens and fields in newlook, it is recommended that the developers work from local copies of the SID file with updates being merged into a central repository. The merge process should be performed by a single developer who is responsible for managing potential conflicts.

However, it is also possible to have multiple developers working on the same SID file via the network. You should note that working on a SID via a network is not as fast as working on a SID file locally and, as with all shared databases, there is always the risk of data corruption due to PC lockups or power outages.

To work on a shared .sid file:

·         Copy the newlook.sid (or whatever your shared dynamic repository is named) to a shared folder.

·         In newlook choose the Settings option from the Tools menu, then click the Settings button in the Dynamic Recognition Repository section.

·         In the Shared field specify the newlook.sid file on the shared folder.

Repeat the last two steps for all developers who want to work on the repository.

Many developers can simultaneously work on the same newlook.sid file.  If developer A makes some customizations to a screen and saves the changes, developer B will see those customizations instantly. If two developers try to change the same object (i.e. screen, macro, etc) at the same time, newlook tells the second developer that the relevant object is currently locked by another developer.