Movie Summary


Movie Summary

For movie Introduction to Scripts - 6.5 minutes

Scripts are usually created automatically in RAMP, but to deal with them confidently you need to understand some scripting basics.

This movie introduces Javascript, the types of scripts in RAMP and tracing:

Basic Javascript syntax

·         Comments are marked with /* */

·         Lines are ended with a semicolon (;)

·         Literals are enclosed in double-quotes (")

·         There are Framework Objects that Scripts Can Refer To

·         The structure of the conditional switch statement is:




case 1:

execute code block 1


case 2:

execute code block 2



code to be executed if n is

different from case 1 and 2



Types of scripts in RAMP

The movies shows:

·         The interaction between Invoke Scripts and Return Scripts

·         Button Script

·         Eliminate Script

Application level tracing

·         Use the Tracing option in the Framework menu to start Application Level Tracing