Framework Objects that Scripts Can Refer To


Framework Objects that Scripts Can Refer To

A number of RAMP provided JavaScript objects make standard information accessible to all scripts. For example the JavaScript object objUser publishes properties Name and Password.

This means that you can access and pass around the name and password of the current user in your scripts like this:

   if (objUser.Name == "QSECOFR") alert("Your are signed on as the security officer!");     

Note that these names are CASE SENSITIVE. Be careful to use exactly the same case as shown when writing scripts.

·         objGlobal

·         objFramework

·         objApplication

·         objBusinessObject

·         objCommand

·         objListManager

·         objUser

·         SUBFILE_ACCESSOR Object


To find out how you can quickly enter these objects and their properties in your scripts, see Using the Scripting Pop-up Menu.