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Distribution Sets field listDistribution Sets Form

Use the Distribution Sets form to combine distribution codes into a single code that you can use when you enter bank transactions. Distribution sets represent standard groups of general ledger accounts that you debit and credit during transaction entry.

You can also enter General Ledger accounts directly in distribution sets.

You do not have to create distribution sets. If you prefer, you can assign the general ledger account numbers or the distribution codes you need when entering transaction details.

Note: You must define distribution codes before you can use them in distribution sets.

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Adding distribution sets

For each record you enter a unique code, up to six characters, a description (name) for the code, and the list of distribution codes (or general ledger accounts) in the set.

You can define as many distribution sets as you need to represent the various combinations of general ledger accounts to which you post transactions.

Editing a distribution set

You can change the description, the list of distribution codes, and the accounts in a distribution set, but you cannot change the code that identifies the distribution set.

If you want to reuse the description from an existing distribution code, add the distribution code to the distribution set. Then clear the Distribution Code field, and enter the general ledger account you want to use. (You cannot change the account for a line to which a distribution code is assigned.)

Effects of changes

If you make a distribution set inactive you cannot use it when you add a new transaction. However, you can print and post transactions that include the distribution set if you made it inactive after you entered the transaction.

If you change the accounts for a distribution code, Bank Services immediately updates the distribution sets that use the those codes when you save the changes.

To add or edit distribution sets

Deleting distribution sets

Deleting sets does not remove any information from Bank Services, except the set definition. If you accidentally delete a set, just add it again.

Deleting a distribution set after adding a transaction has no effect on posting. However, you will have to change the distribution set to a valid one if you edit the transaction.

After changing distribution sets

  • Print the Distribution Sets report by choosing File > Print from the Distribution Sets form, or by choosing the Distribution Sets icon in the Bank Setup Reports folder.