Create G/L Batch

Sage 300 ERP

Create G/L Batch

You use the Create G/L Batch form (in the Bank Periodic Processing folder) to send Bank Services transactions to General Ledger, if Bank Services uses the option to create G/L batches using the Create G/L Batch icon.

You select the option to create G/L batches on the G/L Integration form, in the Bank Setup folder.

Note that if a fiscal period is locked for General Ledger, but not for Bank Services, you may be able to generate transactions for General Ledger, but not post them in General Ledger. However, this situation is unlikely if you create and post General Ledger batches for outstanding Bank Services transactions before locking General Ledger.

Before you create a G/L batch, you must:

  • Post the bank reconciliation, bank entries, and bank transfers.
  • Print the related posting journals.

To create a General Ledger batch:

  1. Open Bank Services > Bank Periodic Processing > Create G/L Batch.
  2. Use the Finder to select a posting sequence number.

    Bank Services assigns posting sequence numbers when you post the bank transactions.

    The Finder displays batch numbers for batches that you have not yet created in General Ledger.

  3. Click Process.