Print the G/L Transactions Report

Sage 300 ERP

Print the G/L Transactions Report

To print the G/L Transactions report:

  1. Open Common Services > Bank Services > Bank Transaction Reports > G/L Transactions.
  2. In the G/L Transactions report form, select:
    • The latest posting sequence number for which to send transactions to the General Ledger. The report lists all transactions for posting sequences up to and including the number you specify.
    • A detailed or summary report.
    • If you are printing a detailed report, use the Sort By field to specify the order in which to list transactions.
    • If the account is multicurrency, whether to include transaction information in your company's functional currency or in the source currencies of the transactions.
  3. Click Print.

After printing the report

  • Run Create G/L Batch (available in the Periodic Processing folder) to send the transactions to General Ledger.

Additional information

If you do not use Sage 300 ERP General Ledger, your program creates the general ledger batches in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, tailored to the Sage 300 ERP General Ledger format.

You can send the file to a remote location that uses Sage 300 ERP General Ledger, or modify the information in the file to suit another general ledger program.

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