Transaction Listing Report

Sage 300 ERP

Transaction Listing Report

This report lists all transactions recorded for one bank or a range of banks.

You can print the report in one of two report formats:

  • Use the Report type to review bank activity for a specified period.
  • Use the Worksheet type to enter notes against each printed transaction, and then compare the report to the bank statement.

When to print

Print the report before reconciling a bank account, so that you can easily compare the transactions to your bank statement during reconciliation.

To print a Transaction Listing report

Information printed on the report

  • Transaction date.
  • Transaction number.
  • Source application (AP, AR, UP, CP, BK).
  • Payer/Payee number/name.
  • Debit/credit amount.
  • Current and last closing statement balances.
  • Transaction summary for each bank, if you selected the option to print it.

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