Withdrawals Status Report

Sage 300 ERP

Withdrawals Status Report

The Withdrawals Status report lists all outstanding checks and transfers from a bank or a range of banks that you specify.

When to print

  • When you want to see the status of withdrawals (for example, to see whether any withdrawals cleared the bank with errors).
  • Before posting a bank reconciliation, to maintain an audit record of all payments and other withdrawals.

Note: The Withdrawals Status report contains information for the current reconciliation that is not available after you post the reconciliation. Therefore, be sure to print the Withdrawals Status report before posting a bank reconciliation.

You can use the Check/Payment Register or the Transaction History Inquiry form to look up information for posted reconciliations.

To print the Withdrawals Status report

Information printed for each bank

  • Withdrawals are grouped and totaled by status in the functional currency of each bank.
  • A summary by bank at the end of the report gives both functional and source totals for each currency.