Posting Reconciliations

Sage 300 ERP

Posting Reconciliations

Once a bank account is reconciled, or balanced, you can post the bank reconciliation.


  • Sends to the subledgers information about payments that are cleared or reversed, and deposits that are cleared. (Accounts Receivable keeps the deposit information for 45 days after the fiscal period end date, in case any customer checks are subsequently returned NSF.)
  • Sends the reconciliation descriptions to the subledgers and to General Ledger.
  • If you use the option to Create G/L Transactions During Posting, creates a General Ledger transaction batch for amounts that are written off and exchange gains and losses. The transactions in the batch are dated with the fiscal period end date.

If you use the option to Create G/L Transactions On Request Using Create G/L Batch Icon, you create General Ledger transactions batches yourself.

  • For a transaction that has the status Cleared With Bank Error:
  • Sends the Reconciliation Cleared Amount to the originating subledger, and sets the reconciliation status of the payment or the deposit to Cleared With Bank Error.
  • Creates an entry for the error amount, and sets its status to Outstanding. The new entry uses the same check, transfer, or deposit number as the original transaction.

To post bank reconciliations