Clear History

Sage 300 ERP

Clear History

You use the Clear History form to remove the following records from Bank Services:

  • Bank transactions. (These are transactions created for your general ledger when you post bank reconciliations.)

    You specify the posting date through which to clear transactions. The program does not clear bank transactions posted after that date.

  • Bank entries. (These are transactions you record using the Bank Entry form.)
  • Printed posting journals. (You clear reconciliation, transfer, and bank entry posting journals separately.)

You can select a particular range of bank transactions, bank entries, or posting journals to clear, or you can clear all records of that type.

The program clears bank entries taking into account the minimum time you must keep them for each bank, which is specified in the bank record as Days Before Eligible for Clearing.

Once you clear bank transactions and bank entries, you can no longer drill down to them from General Ledger. However, if you do not clear these records periodically, the tables that accumulate them can become very large, potentially slowing your system to a noticeable degree. You can use the Transaction History Inquiry form

Note: If you use security with your system, you must have security authorization to clear bank history.

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