Deposit Slips Report

Sage 300 ERP

Deposit Slips Report

The Deposit Slips report lists the deposit entries in a single receipt batch, grouped by receipt type (checks, cash, and the other receipt types you use). It also includes a form that helps you fill in an official bank deposit slip.

You can print this report only if you first select the Allow Printing of Deposit Slips option on the Transactions tab of the A/R Setup Options form.

Sample deposit slip forms are included in your Sage 300 ERP package. You can adapt the form to suit your requirements, following the instructions in the online document Customizing Printed Forms with SAP Crystal.

  • BKDPST01.RPT includes cash and check receipts only.
  • BKDPST02.RPT includes checks, cash, and the other receipt types you use.

For instructions on printing the report, see Print the Deposit Slips Report.

Information printed on the report

  • A summary sheet that lists:
    • The bank code, account number, date, and deposit slip number. In multicurrency ledgers, the currency is also listed.
    • For each receipt type, the customer number, payer name, check or other receipt number, and amount of each deposit.
    • Totals by receipt type.
  • A deposit slip form that totals deposits by coins, bills, and checks.

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