Post Bank Reconciliations

Sage 300 ERP

Post Bank Reconciliations

Before you start

  • Ensure that General Ledger does not prohibit posting to any accounts used in the reconciliation transactions. (If you try to post to such an account, you will receive an error message.)
  • Print reports that contain information that is not available after you post the reconciliation:
  • Withdrawals Status report.
  • Deposits Status report.

To post bank reconciliations:

  1. Open Common Services > Bank Services > Post Reconciliation.
  2. Select All Banks to post all current reconciliations, or select Range.
  3. If you selected Range, use the From and To fields to specify the range of banks for which to post current reconciliations.
  4. Click Post.

After posting the reconciliation

  1. Print the reconciliation posting journal.
  2. What you do next depends on the selection for the Create G/L Transactions option on the Bank Options form:
    • If you selected Create G/L Transactions On Request:
      1. Print the G/L Transactions report, using the default settings, for a list of general ledger transactions created by Bank Services.
      2. Choose the Create G/L Batch icon in the Reconciliation folder.
      3. Click Process to transfer the bank reconciliation entries to General Ledger.
    • If you selected the Create G/L Transactions During Posting, General Ledger batches are created automatically:
      1. Print these batches in General Ledger by choosing the Batch Listing report in the G/L Reports folder. (If you do not know the batch numbers to print, use the Finder).
      2. Post the batches in the General Ledger using the Post Batches function. (See the General Ledger help for more information on displaying, printing, and posting batches in General Ledger.)
  3. File the reconciliation records and reports together.

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