Transaction History Report

Sage 300 ERP

Transaction History Report

The Transaction History Inquiry form lets you print the results of your inquiry on transactions processed in Bank Services.

The source application and other criteria you specify for the inquiry determine the information that is printed on the report. For example, Payroll transactions are sorted by check or payment number, and they include the employee name and code.

Once you click Go ( ) to display transactions that meet your specified criteria, a Print button becomes available. Click the Print button to print the Transaction History report. (You can also print the report by clicking Print on the File menu.)

You specify the source application and reconciliation status for the transactions you want to view. If you are inquiring on Accounts Receivable or Bank Services transactions, you also choose whether to display deposit or payment transactions.

You can also specify additional selection criteria, depending on the source application and the document type you selected. For example, if you are inquiring on Payroll transactions, you can specify ranges of check numbers, check dates, check amounts, and employee numbers.

To direct the report to a different printer than the default printer, or to select other printing options for the report, click Print Setup on the File menu.