Distribution Codes

Sage 300 ERP

image\field_bt.gifDistribution Codes

Use the Distribution Codes form to add, edit, or delete distribution codes you use to distribute bank transaction details to your general ledger accounts.

In the Bank Options form, you can specify a distribution code to use as the default for new entries in the Bank Entry form.

Once you create distribution codes, you can combine them into distribution sets using the Distribution Sets icon in the Bank Setup folder.

Distribution codes and distribution sets represent the default account or group of accounts for the different types of transactions you record, but they are usually easier to remember and quicker to enter than the account numbers themselves.

If you are setting up Bank Services, we recommend that you add a distribution code called SETUP, and use it to establish your bank account balances. You can delete this code once you have finished setting up your bank accounts.

Note: If security is turned on for your system, you need Setup Maintenance authorization if you want to update distribution codes. To view distribution codes, you require Maintain Bank Information authorization.

To add or edit distribution codes

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