Print a Check/Payment Register

Sage 300 ERP

Print a Check/Payment Register

To print a payment register:

  1. Open Bank Services > Bank Transaction Reports > Payment Register.
  2. Specify the codes for the range of banks to include in the payment register.
  3. Specify the range of payment dates for the transactions to include on the report. (The To Payment Date field is set to the session date by default.)
  4. Use the From Application and To fields to specify a range of source ledgers (for example, AP for Accounts Payable, AR for Accounts Receivable, CP for Canadian Payroll, UP for US Payroll) for the payments.
  5. Select the level of detail for the report from the list in the Print field.
  6. Choose whether to sort payments by payment number, payment date, or vendor/payee code.

    If you sort by payment number and you are printing payment details (with or without a summary), you can select the Print Missing Check Number option in the next step.

  7. If the payment register will include checks and you want the report to include a note about any check numbers that are missing from a sequence, select the Print Missing Check Number option.
  8. Select the type of payments to include on the register.
  9. Specify the reconciliation statuses of the transactions you want to include on the register.
  10. Click Print.

Additional information

If you have Print Payment Register security authorization, you can print the payment register even if you have no other authorization to use Bank Services.

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