G/L Transactions Report

Sage 300 ERP

G/L Transactions Report

The G/L Transactions report is a list of the general ledger transactions created from all posted transactions and revaluations (in multicurrency ledgers).

Use the report as your audit trail for generated general ledger transactions.

When to print

  • Before using the Create G/L Batch form to send transactions to the general ledger.


    You cannot print the G/L Transactions report if you use the option Create G/L Transactions During Posting.

    In this case, the program sends the transactions immediately to General Ledger. However, you can print a report of the transactions in General Ledger using the Batch Listing Report form, available in the G/L Reports folder.

  • Once you clear printed posting journals (or transaction history, depending on the Sage 300 ERP program you are using), you can no longer print the G/L Transactions report.

To print the G/L Transactions Report

Information printed on this report

  • The level of detail for transactions on the detailed report depends on your choice for the Consolidate G/L Batches option. For example, if you selected Consolidate by Account and Fiscal Period, the report shows a total for each general ledger account and fiscal period. If you selected Do Not Consolidate, the report shows full details for each transaction.
  • You can print detailed or summary versions of the report. A summary report lists one total for each account number.
  • If you have a multicurrency system and you print a detailed report in source currency, the report shows the exchange rate used to calculate the functional-currency equivalent of each transaction amount.