Bank Transfers

Sage 300 ERP

image\field_bt.gifBank Transfers

You use the Bank Transfers form to:

  • Transfer funds between banks.

  • Record an entry for fees charged by a bank involved in a transfer.

  • Correct a deposit that you posted to the wrong bank.

In a multicurrency system, if a bank involved in a transfer is multicurrency, the program displays the bank's statement currency as the default, but you can change the currency. The program uses the rate type specified for the currency in the bank record to determine the exchange rate to use to convert the amount to your functional currency. However, you can change the rate type, rate date, or the exchange rate, if you need to do so.

To transfer funds

Taxable Bank Service Charges

The Bank Transfer form lets you open a separate Taxes form where you enter detail taxes for taxable service charges.

To enter tax information for a service charge detail

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