Print the Distribution Sets Report

Sage 300 ERP

Print the Distribution Sets Report

To print the Distribution Sets report:

  1. Open Common Services > Bank Services > Bank Setup Reports > Distribution Sets


    Select File > Print in the Distribution Sets form.

  2. Select the range of distribution sets to include on the report.

  3. Click Print.
    • If printing to a printer, Bank Services displays the print destination form, which lets you confirm your printer selection and change the number of copies to print. Click OK if the settings are correct; otherwise, click Cancel or Setup.
    • if printing to a file, the program displays the name of the file, so you can change it or cancel printing.
    • If printing to the screen (preview), Bank Services displays the report. If you want, you can then export it to a file or send it to the printer.
    • If printing to an e-mail message, the program displays an e-mail message form for you to fill in, and inserts the report as an attachment when you choose Send.
    • If printing to a schedule, the program displays the Schedule Report form.

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