Designate an OFX Transaction as a Bank Entry

Sage 300 ERP

Designate an OFX Transaction as a Bank Entry

Before you start

  • These steps assume that you are using the Reconcile OFX Statement form to reconcile a statement you previously downloaded from your financial institution's Web site.

To designate an OFX transaction as a bank entry:

  1. On the Reconcile OFX Statements form, highlight the transaction, then click the Bank Entry button.
  2. In the Transaction Type field, type or select the code for the type of bank entry, or simply enter the general ledger account in the G/L Account field.
  3. Change the Description and the Reference fields, and add a Comment, if needed.
  4. If the bank entry is taxable, select the Taxable option, click the Zoom button, then edit the fields on the Taxes form that appears.
  5. Click Process, and then click Yes in the messages that appear, until you return to the Reconcile OFX Statements form.

The Cleared status for the transaction will be Yes.

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