Banks Report

Sage 300 ERP

Banks Report

This report lists the bank records defined for your company. It includes G/L account and other information about each bank.

The report includes the following information for each bank record:

  • Name, address, phone number, fax number, transit number, bank account number, contact name, status (active or inactive).
  • Bank G/L account.
  • Write-off account.
  • Credit card charges G/L account.
  • Next deposit number.
  • The last reconciliation date for the bank account.
  • Last maintained date.
  • Errors/write-off spread.
  • Rounding account.
  • Check information, such as the stock code and type, and the language.
  • If the bank is foreign-currency or multicurrency:
    • The bank's statement currency.
    • The currency codes (with descriptions) used by the bank.
    • The default check rate type and deposit rate type.
    • The General Ledger accounts for exchange gains and losses.

Print the Banks report after you add, change, or delete bank records.

To print the Banks report