Look up Transactions for a Bank Account

Sage 300 ERP

Look up Transactions for a Bank Account

To look up transactions for a bank:

  1. Open Common Services > Bank Services > Bank Transactions > Transaction History Inquiry.

    Click here for help on the fields on the Transaction History Inquiry form.

  2. In the Bank Code field, specify the code for the bank that processed the transactions.
  3. From the list in the Source Application field, select the subledger that sent the transactions to Bank Services (for example, Accounts Receivable).
  4. If you selected Bank Services or Accounts Receivable as the source application, specify the type of document you want to view.
  5. If you want to display only transactions that are reconciled or outstanding, specify the status in the Reconciliation Status field. Otherwise, accept All as the entry for this field.
  6. To restrict your inquiry to transactions that meet additional criteria, use the From and To fields to specify ranges of document numbers, dates, amounts, currencies, vendors, customers, or employees. (The criteria you can specify depend on the source application you selected in step 3.)
  7. When you are satisfied with the search criteria, click the Go button () to display the transactions.
  8. To print the results of your inquiry to your usual print destination, click the Print button.