Reconciliation Status Report

Sage 300 ERP

Reconciliation Status Report

This report lists the status of all transactions for a bank account, with amounts stated in the bank's statement currency. The report includes:

  • For each bank:
    • Lists of transactions and subtotals for all transactions that appear on the Reconcile Statements form.
    • The bank total (the sum of all transactions that increase the bank balance, less the transactions that decrease it).
  • For each transaction:
    • The reconciliation status (for deposits, checks, or returned customer checks), or the transaction type description (for bank statement entries).
    • The document amount (that is, the item amount recorded in Sage 300 ERP), the cleared amount (entered when you reconciled the bank account), and the amount of the clearing difference. If the item has not been reconciled, the cleared amount is zero.
    • If you did not use the Print Deposit Details option, any deleted deposits appear as empty deposits on the report, showing “Deleted” in the status column and zeroes in the other columns. (If you used the Print Deposit Details option, deleted deposits do not appear on the report.)
    • A summary by bank for all selected banks appears at the end of the report.

When to print

  • When reconciling a bank account, review this report to help you determine why your reconciliation does not balance.
  • During Bank Services setup, print the report before posting opening balance entries.

To print the Reconciliation Status report